Penguin serving pizza

Penguin serving pizza, drawn in a classic cartoon style. A commission for the Swedish restaurant organisation Spisek.

Problem solvers

The global problem solvers of our time.  

Another day

We have a huge breeding ground for so-called conspiracy theories these days, and you can think what you like about   →

The fabric of society

The things we say, and the things we don’t. Sating the obvious in the land of the emperor with the   →

True believers

The climate is really changing, in all aspects.

Going green

Electric cars and electric scooters. Everybody is going green, but the electricity from the power plants are not always green…

Walking the dog

Small GIF animation of a woman walking her dog.

The poor…

Some Common phrases are getting challenged nowadays.

Pointless wars

Cartoon during the Ukraine war 2022.

Compulsary vaccination

Forced medical treatment is usually not a normal thing in western liberal democracies.

The fifth jab

The never ending vaccination program.

The climate

The climate is everywhere, and you should be a believer, like a new religion.

Robert Toth