Is it Time to Emerge from Plato’s Cave?

Illustration for an article on Internet Marketing: Digital Marketing in a VUCA World: Is it   →

Creative destruction

Illustration in classic comic style with some doom, gloom and ruins, for web marketing guru   →

Illustrated map over Lidkoping

Representatives for the town of Lidkoping in Sweden asked me for an illustrated map, including   →

Ardi, an ancient ancestor

  Ardi, one of the earliest ancestors to man, 4-5 millions years ago. History school book. Sanoma   →

Poster for Don Juan

Poster for Don Juan, The Region Theater of Kronoberg Sweden, Illustrator

Travel with style

Promenade des Anglais in Nice. For many people this is a mythical landscape, we think   →

The Berlin Conference

The Berlin conference, History school book for Sanoma Education, Illustrator Understanding the value of specialized   →

Maria Bruhn and the gunpowder cartridge

In 1787, Maria Christina Bruhn became the first Swedish woman with a formal patent for   →

Hemming Gad – Swedish bishop, warrior and adventurer

  Hemming Gadh Swedish bishop, warrior and adventurer in the 15th century. Later beheaded by   →

Artilleryman in disguise

Ulrika Eleonora Stålhammar belonged to a family from Småland, Sweden, where almost everyone was a   →

Penguin serving pizza

Penguin serving pizza, drawn in a classic cartoon style. A commission for the Swedish restaurant   →

Logo for education portal

Clean simplistic logo for Swedish agency designstudier, active in the field of art, design and   →

Problem solvers

The global problem solvers of our time.   For individuals struggling with making decisions or   →

Another day

We have a huge breeding ground for so-called conspiracy theories these days, and you can   →

The fabric of society

The things we say, and the things we don’t. Sating the obvious in the land   →

True believers

The climate is really changing, in all aspects. Descubra a emoção do jogo de azar   →

Going green

Electric cars and electric scooters. Everybody is going green, but the electricity from the power   →

Walking the dog

Small GIF animation of a woman walking her dog.

The poor…

Some Common phrases are getting challenged nowadays.

Robert Toth