Ad illustration for specialist wood manufacturer

Woodsafe is company manufacturing fire proof wood. They wanted to create an information campaign describing the benefits of their product, comparing to other wood qualities etc.  The wooden figures are highly visible compared to traditional ads in this segment. And they are clear about the content and the message.

Ice advertising manual illustration

How is the ad applied on the ice? We have all seen this kind of advertisment during hockey games, but how is it put in place? I created this manual in collaboration with client to simplified the procedure. This version is without text.

No room in the hospital – opinion forming, lobbying

Illustration for The swedish association of hospital physicians (Sjukhusläkarna). For a lobby/opinion forming project.

Play with your dog – infographics

Commercial & infographics for a smart dog toy.

How to fix a tarp – infographics

Infographics/manual for Swedish construction company Jonsereds.

Embedded journalist

  Embedded journalist. School book civics.


  Informative illustration for a civics school book .

The World Scene

“The world scene” is an explanatory illustration for a civics schoolbook.  

EU politic system

  An illustration describing the political system of the EU, for a civics schoolbook.

How Sweden is governed

  This is an informative illustration for a civics schoolbook.

Elderly care 2

  Informative illustrations for an elderly care, part of a information brochure.

Elderly care

I made this informative illustrations for an elderly care, as a part of an instruction leaflet.