Illustrated ads

Illustrated ads for Pernova, a company selling walking aids and other elder care articles. The aim was to simplify, create a nice feeling, and good visibility as the ads are quite small.

World order

  “The world order” shown as a pyramid with impersonated nations, for civics school book.

Carbon-14 dating explained

Every living being has small amounts of C14 radiation. When we die this radiation will slowly disappear. And since we know the half-life of C14 we can measure when a certain person, animal or plant died. Illustration for a history school book.  


Globalization. Illustration for a civics school book.

The Community

What is a community? Illustration for a school civics book.


DNA, for Swedish publisher Bonnier, Illustrator.

Ancient Greek-Cypriot sanctuary

Ancient Greek-Cypriot sanctuary at Agia Irini, The Museum of Mediterranean and Near Eastern Antiquities in Stockholm, Illustrator

Meet your doc on the net

Manual for DocOnNet, Illustrator

Chemical cycle

Explanatory illustration & graphic design of an chemical cycle.

Illustrated manual for smartphone app

Illustrated manual for smartphone app, breath analysis, for DocOnNet.

Manual for recruitment agency

Manual for recruitment agency Towork, Illustrator

First aid instruction

First aid instruction for Medidyne, Illustrator