Illustrated ads

Illustrated ads for Pernova, a company selling walking aids and other elder care articles. The   →

World order

  “The world order” shown as a pyramid with impersonated nations, for civics school book.

Carbon-14 dating explained

Every living being has small amounts of C14 radiation. When we die this radiation will   →


Globalization. Illustration for a civics school book.

The Community

What is a community? Illustration for a school civics book.


DNA, for Swedish publisher Bonnier, Illustrator.

Ancient Greek-Cypriot sanctuary

Ancient Greek-Cypriot sanctuary at Agia Irini, The Museum of Mediterranean and Near Eastern Antiquities in   →

Chemical cycle

Explanatory illustration & graphic design of an chemical cycle.

Manual for recruitment agency

Manual for recruitment agency Towork, Illustrator

First aid instruction

First aid instruction for Medidyne, Illustrator

Carwash instructions

Manual for W&D Carwash, Illustrator

Prohibition sign for carwash

Prohibition sign for W&D Carwash, Illustrator.

Robert Toth