Illustrated map over Lidkoping

Representatives for the town of Lidkoping in Sweden asked me for an illustrated map, including   →

Top companies world map

World Map to Nima Sanandaji and Maria Rankkas book The New Geography of Success Enterprising.   →

Top companies in Europe, illustrated map

Europe Map to Nima Sanandaji and Maria Rankkas book The New geography of Success Enterprising.   →

WW2 in the Pacific Ocean

  World war 2 in the Pacific Ocean, major events and battles from 1941 to   →

Greek and Phoenician colonization

  Informative map explaining the Greek and Phoenicians trade and colonization routs in the Mediterranean Sea.   →

USA according to Europeans, mapping stereotypes

When I saw Yanko Tsvetkovs funny European stereotype maps, I wanted to make my own   →

Illustrated map of Kullaberg, Sweden

Map with illustrations of Kullaberg in Sweden.


Globalization. Illustration for a civics school book.

The Community

What is a community? Illustration for a school civics book.

Flag map over Europe

Flag map over Europe, for Museum of World Culture in Sweden, Illustrator

Chinese terracotta army

Excavations of the Chinese terracotta army, for  Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities in Stockholm, Illustrator

Map of ancient empires, 100 AD

Map of ancient empires, for The Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities in Stockholm.

Robert Toth