Near the space port

In 100 years this might be common sight, at least if you live near the space port.

llustrations for online booking service is a Swedish company dealing with online booking services for hairdressers, beauty artists etc. It facilitates for clients to find   →

Illustration and advertising for Swiss hospitality schools

To catch the readers attention is the ad illustrators job. In this case, to attract professional chefs to further education   →

General store illustration

Illustration for Swedish company MSAB, to be used in digital marketing, social media etc. We aimed to create something that resemble   →

Ardi, an ancient ancestor

  Ardi, one of the earliest ancestors to man, 4-5 millions years ago. History school book. Sanoma Education.

Poster for Don Juan

Poster for Don Juan, The Region Theater of Kronoberg Sweden, Illustrator

Travel with style

Promenade des Anglais in Nice. For many people this is a mythical landscape, we think of Grace Kelly, Jackie Onassis,   →

Madame goes swimming

The inhabitants of beautiful Nice in France are said to be a bit eccentric.

Information campaign about Internet safety

Illustration for campaign regarding safety on Internet. Educational material for young people about connecting and meeting people via Internet.

Android pilot

Illustration of android pilot, metallic orange turquoise helmet and mask, just returning from a mission at The Horsehead nebula…

Vintage technics

  Illustration of vintage technology from the beginning och the 20th century, zeppelin, aircraft and a high speed train.  

The Berlin Conference

The Berlin conference, History school book for Sanoma Education, Illustrator