Android pilot

Illustration of android pilot, metallic orange turquoise helmet and mask, just returning from a mission   →

Vintage technics

  Illustration of vintage technology from the beginning och the 20th century, zeppelin, aircraft and   →

The Berlin Conference

The Berlin conference, History school book for Sanoma Education, Illustrator Understanding the value of specialized   →

Book cover

This is a book cover for a doctoral thesis by Soma Ghasimi, who has been   →

Drone control room

Drone control room. History School book. Sanoma Education.

WW2 tensions in Sweden

The Swedish king and the ministers discussing whether to allow nazi-german soldiers to pass through   →

Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks refuse to leave her seat. History school book. Sanoma Education.  

Vietnam war

Female soldier from the Vietnam war. History school book. Sanoma Education.

Cave painter

  A stone age cave painter and his tools. History school book. Sanoma Education.

The real olympic games

The real olympic games in Olympia, ca 400 BC. History school book. Sanoma Education. Porn   →

Declaration of independence

The american founding fathers discussing the matters of independence in dim light. History school book. Sanoma   →


Theatre poster, Regionteatern Blekinge Kronoberg, Sweden.

Robert Toth