The poor…

Some Common phrases are getting challenged nowadays.

Pointless wars

Cartoon during the Ukraine war 2022. Zaczerpnięte ze strony internetowej Fire Joker

Compulsary vaccination

Forced medical treatment is usually not a normal thing in western liberal democracies.

The fifth jab

The never ending vaccination program. Sendo criado pela PG Soft, o Fortune Tiger, também conhecido   →

The climate

The climate is everywhere, and you should be a believer, like a new religion.

The new normal

Some everyday obstacles in the Covid world.


European Union measures at the breakfast table.


There are many people who are socially aware, struggling for the greater good…

Home Sweet Home …

Lockdown, curfew, restrictions. Nothing surprises us anymore. The year of 2020.

Is it Time to Emerge from Plato’s Cave?

Illustration for an article on Internet Marketing: Digital Marketing in a VUCA World: Is it   →

The end

Maybe a little bit inspired by the comic book Tintin, and The Shooting Star, where   →

Pool game cartoon for giant crossword

Pool game, classic cartoon style for giant crossword.

Robert Toth