Difficult election

Who are you going to vote fore?

Icons for business areas

Icons for different business areas, trading, construction, services, shipping, tourism, finance, governmental, manufacturing – and the last icon is a symbol for reading, or articles. Conicon is a client is a company dealing with management consulting and training.

Top companies world map

World Map to Nima Sanandaji and Maria Rankkas book The New Geography of Success Enterprising. The challenge was to bring in large amounts of information in an easily understandable way. Here we see how successful companies are reducing in Western countries, but increasing in countries like China, India and Latin America.

Top companies in Europe, illustrated map

Europe Map to Nima Sanandaji and Maria Rankkas book The New geography of Success Enterprising. We see how successful companies are reducing in Western Europe, but is increasing in the East.

Greek attack

Greeks vs European union…

Ice advertising manual illustration

How is the ad applied on the ice? We have all seen this kind of advertisment during hockey games, but how is it put in place? I created this manual in collaboration with client to simplified the procedure. This version is without text.

Free speach

The opinion of the majority seldom needs protection, it’s all the others, with opinions that differ who need protection. Not an easy task to illustrate this matter, the challenge of the cartoonist, but in this case I was happy with the result.

Black and white icons for web

Black and white icons/symbols for web. Simplicity and clean graphic design with usability in mind.

Ardi, an ancient ancestor

  Ardi, one of the earliest ancestors to man, 4-5 millions years ago. History school book. Sanoma Education.

Poster for Don Juan

Poster for Don Juan, The Region Theater of Kronoberg Sweden, Illustrator

Travel with style

Promenade des Anglais in Nice. For many people this is a mythical landscape, we think of Grace Kelly, Jackie Onassis, the monumental Hotel Negresco and the turquoise blue sea.

Madame goes swimming

The inhabitants of beautiful Nice in France are said to be a bit eccentric.