Logotype and graphic design

I designed a new logo and graphic profile for Ultra Markets, a company in the financial sector. The logo was made in several different versions, for use against different background colors, as well as in different sizes, for print and web.

Information campaign about Internet safety

Illustration for campaign regarding safety on Internet. Educational material for young people about connecting and meeting people via Internet.

Android pilot

Illustration of android pilot, metallic orange turquoise helmet and mask, just returning from a mission at The Horsehead nebula…

Vintage technics

  Illustration of vintage technology from the beginning och the 20th century, zeppelin, aircraft and a high speed train.  

Icons, queue at the hospital – opinion forming, lobbying

  Lobbying/opinion forming material for The Swedish association of hospital physicians. Icons, infographics etc.

No room in the hospital – opinion forming, lobbying

Illustration for The swedish association of hospital physicians (Sjukhusläkarna). For a lobby/opinion forming project.

Play with your dog – infographics

Commercial & infographics for a smart dog toy.

How to fix a tarp – infographics

Infographics/manual for Swedish construction company Jonsereds.

The Berlin Conference

The Berlin conference, History school book for Sanoma Education, Illustrator

Book cover

This is a book cover for a doctoral thesis by Soma Ghasimi, who has been researching about brain tumors. The cover was made in collaboration with the author, she was very creative and had a lot of ideas. My job was to realize her vision and make an illustration out of it. I used mixed   →

WW2 in the Pacific Ocean

  World war 2 in the Pacific Ocean, major events and battles from 1941 to 1945. University history study book.

Greek and Phoenician colonization

  Informative map explaining the Greek and Phoenicians trade and colonization routs in the Mediterranean Sea. University history study book.