Robert Toth

Home Sweet Home …

Lockdown, curfew, restrictions. Nothing surprises us anymore. The year of 2020.

Is it Time to Emerge from Plato’s Cave?

Illustration for an article on Internet Marketing: Digital Marketing in a VUCA World: Is it Time to Emerge from Plato’s Cave? by Anders Hjorth. Here a comparison is made of Plato’s cave parable, where a number of people are trapped and see distorted objects on the cave wall projected from behind them. They do not   →

The end

Maybe a little bit inspired by the comic book Tintin, and The Shooting Star, where a doomsday prophet walks around beating a gong. Although today it is not a comet that threatens us but a viral epidemic.

Pool game cartoon for giant crossword

Pool game, classic cartoon style for giant crossword.

Alien cartoon for giant crossword

Aliens with UFO, cartoon style illustration for giant crossword.

Pasta cartoon for giant crossword

Classic cartoon style illustration for a giant crossword.

Creative destruction

Illustration in classic comic style with some doom, gloom and ruins, for web marketing guru Anders Hjorth and his article Surfing the Waves of Creative Destruction.

Logo for Coast & Hills Development

Logo for a real estate development & services company.

Near the space port

In 100 years this might be common sight, at least if you live near the space port.

Logo for Casino

Logo for a Swedish on-line gambling service provider.

Illustrated map over Lidkoping

The town of Lidkoping in Sweden asked me for an illustrated map, including houses, important buildings and meeting points for the yearly Big Power Meet, which is one of the biggest out-door classic car show in the world.

llustrations for online booking service is a Swedish company dealing with online booking services for hairdressers, beauty artists etc. It facilitates for clients to find the particular service they have in mind. I used their company brand colours and created a style that would go with the particular business, dealing with fashion and beauty etc.