Logo for Conicon


Logo for management consulting and training company Conicon.


Icons for SKB


Web icons for Swedish property developer SKB.


Fairytale, web site and logo

Swedish fashion brand Fairytale,web site and logo.

Logo and collage

Logo and collage for The Design Popup Store Stockholm, Illustrator.

Nature and culture, Sanoma Learning

Nature and culture. Illustration for a school book by Sanoma Learning. Illustrator.

Icons for Cartagenia


Icons and infographics for Cartagenia, a web-based DNA software and database platform. Illustrator.

CLUE logo

Logo for the European CLUE-project. Illustrator.

Book cover, Midvintermörker (Midwinter darkness) by Lars Wilderäng

Book cover, Midvintermörker (Midwinter darkness) by Lars Wilderäng, Ängsjödal Publishers. Illustrator.

Webdesign for Motormode webshop

Webdesign for Motormode webshop.

Web buttons / icons, brushed metal

Buttons for, Illustrator.

Illustrated buttons for website

Illustrated buttons for a website, for DocOnNet, Illustrator.

Logo, telemedicine

Logo for DocOnNet, Illustrator

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