The chinese terracotta army in Stockholm

The chinese terracotta army in Stockholm 5

The chinese terracotta army in Stockholm 6

The event of the year in the Stockholm museum world is probably the Chinese terracotta soldiers in the spectacular caverns under the East Asian Museum. As China takes more space in ec

onomy and culture, it is natural to pay attention to the country’s amazing history.

The first emperor Qin Shi Huang unified China and ruled for a short time during the 200-BC The subsequent Han Dynasty continued to hold together the kingdom and the modern China was formed on the basis of this unity. It is worth mentioning that the events are reasonably contemporary with the Hellenistic period (that followed Alexander the Great) and the Roman Empire.

I have provided a variety of maps, plans and explanations for the exhibition and the catalog. Below are a few. The first is a view of the imperial tomb in Xian, and the other amap of the world empires around 100 e.Kr, and the Qin empire from 200 BC retracted.