Lars Wilderäng – Writer, Novelist

Qualities: value for money, on time, creative.

Marie Sundberg – Opinions editor, Dagens industri 2007–2011

Robert Toth contributed to the opinion page of Dagens Industri from autumn 2008 and a period onwards. Under the heading   →

Taeko Ostergren – Art Director, Lundberg & Co Advertising Agency

I strongly recommend Robert! His work has exceeded my expectations, and that’s exactly what you’re after. He understands the projects   →

Mickael Bäckman – PhD, Predictive Analytics Enterprise Architect

Robert is an industrious, entrepreneurial and result driven person with a proven track record of doing everything he takes on   →

Åsa Snaar – Owner, Tincella Management AB

Robert is someone I would hire again, definitely! He has a professional approach with a personal style.

Anders Hjorth – MD at AZNOS

Robert had a great positive influence on the entire company when Relevant Traffic was in it’s dynamic start-up phase and   →

Ingemar Albertsson – Owner at IA Affärsidé AB

Robert managed to capture many attributes of an image simultaneously, it was graphically stylish without being cluttered. I have received   →

Susanna Popova Hakelius – Advisor Public Affairs and Communication, writer and moderator

Robert Toth is a highly skilled person who I strongly can recommend.

Kim Lehult – CEO at Witty, Onlinenerd, Entrepreneur, Business Developer, Writer and Blogger

Robert is a fantastic illustrator and also a very humble human being despite he’s great talent. He is always a   →

Hakan Mauritzon – Senior Partner at Online Ventures Europe AB

Robert is a mature co-worker dedicated to deliver. His strength is the “killer instinct” to get things done, including sales.   →

Axel Garcia Henriksson – Art Director at Gracemill communication

Robert always understand the communicative idea and with many own creative ideas improve the end result. Thanks to his wide   →

Robert Toth