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New law alows hunt for BitTorrent users

-We took him at the scene of the crime, downloading Suspicious Minds with Elvis! (Sign   →


One out of three have no bank savings. – Save money? Ah, the stock market   →

The market

  – General Motors had a total loss of 274 billions. And huge losses the   →

The gym prince

  About the crown princess of Sweden and her fiancé an entrepreneur in the fitness   →

Our sense of proportions

– I read in the paper that the Social Security Agency made incorrect payments for   →

Stockholm withstands the financial crisis

  – Oh, what a sweet little cottage! – Why don´t you buy it? I   →

Some business never loose

    – So, your husband is at home tonight? – No, he is actually   →

Soon everyone is alerted

– We converted to natural economy a couple of months ago… Cartoon for Swedish daily   →

Time for tax declaration

      – It´s strange that I never learn the difference between incoming and   →

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