Banners for marketing of seminars


“Connecting the dots” concept created in collaboration with staff for ConiCon Ltd, a management consultant and training company. The wanted to market their seminars in Cyprus on social media and needed a new graphic concept.

Ad illustration for specialist wood manufacturer


Woodsafe is company manufacturing fire proof wood. They wanted to create an information campaign describing the benefits of their product, comparing to other wood qualities etc.  The wooden figures are highly visible compared to traditional ads in this segment. And they are clear about the content and the message.

Illustration and advertising for Swiss hospitality schools


To catch the readers attention is the ad illustrators job. In this case, to attract professional chefs to further education in Switzerland. I´m also inspired by the superhero trend, not less than four different films with superheroes premiered in the spring. And I´m also giving attention to the profession’s labor-intensive character – chefs are super heroes, they work long and hard and under stress.

General store illustration


Illustration for Swedish company MSAB, to be used in digital marketing, social media etc. We aimed to create something that resemble an old fashion general store, with additional details as travel destinations, and a lot of different equipment on the porch.

Icons for business areas


Icons for different business areas, trading, construction, services, shipping, tourism, finance, governmental, manufacturing – and the last icon is a symbol for reading, or articles. Conicon is a client is a company dealing with management consulting and training.

Ice advertising manual illustration


How is the ad applied on the ice? We have all seen this kind of advertisment during hockey games, but how is it put in place? I created this manual in collaboration with client to simplified the procedure. This version is without text.

Black and white icons for web


Black and white icons/symbols for web. Simplicity and clean graphic design with usability in mind.

Logotype and graphic design


I designed a new logo and graphic profile for Ultra Markets, a company in the financial sector. The logo was made in several different versions, for use against different background colors, as well as in different sizes, for print and web. (more…)

Icons, queue at the hospital – opinion forming, lobbying



Lobbying/opinion forming material for The Swedish association of hospital physicians. Icons, infographics etc.

Blue liquid icons/buttons



Liquid style buttons icons for medical company.

Rainbow icons/buttons





Icons/buttons, rainbow colored and “white gold”.  The symbols are carefully illustrated with simplicity and usability in mind. For

Icons, history school book


Icons for a history school book, Sanoma Education.

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