4 years…

It´s a like an old vinyl record with a damaged groove that keeps repeating the same phrase…

Brexit – yes or no?


Just a small reflection about the referendum. For Göteborsposten (GP) Sweden’s  second largest daily newspaper.

Ad illustration for specialist wood manufacturer


Woodsafe is company manufacturing fire proof wood. They wanted to create an information campaign describing the benefits of their product, comparing to other wood qualities etc.  The wooden figures are highly visible compared to traditional ads in this segment. And they are clear about the content and the message.

Difficult election

Who are you going to vote fore?

Greek attack


Greeks vs European union…

Free speach


The opinion of the majority seldom needs protection, it’s all the others, with opinions that differ who need protection. Not an easy task to illustrate this matter, the challenge of the cartoonist, but in this case I was happy with the result.

You are all doomed


Yes, we are all doomed, and have been so for thousand of years…

It’s so dark in here


Comic for Swedish magazine IMK.

White walls


Comic for Swedish magazine IMK.


tvattstugan-2013-2-engComic for Swedish magazine IMK.



Comic for Swedish magazine IMK.


Casino roulette

Illustration for Svenska Spel, The biggest gaming operator in Sweden; Illustrator

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